Why Choose Us?

First and foremost because we offer the most Consumer Driven Value Oriented Highest Quality service in the Industry. Our professionalism is unmatched.

Additionally, you will be dealing directly with us. We are not a referral company who will take your money and refer you to another broker to possibly find out that there are hidden fees when you finally talk with that broker.

We route 100% OF THE PHONE CALLS DIRECTLY TO YOU. Our telephone system requires caller to identify which property they are calling in on by the Property ID number located on our lawn sign, the MLS number found in Realtor.Com and/or the local MLS Website, or the first three letters of the location (for example Springfield is 777). At that point, the caller is given the option of:

1) 24 Hour a Day, 7 Days a Week Audio Descriptions
2) Our Phone System tells the caller to call any number you instruct us to provide. We offer an optional service that transfers the callers automatically.
3) Our eFax service forwards offers from Brokers and Buyers directly to your email.
4) Optional 24 Hour a Day, 7 Days a Week Fax-on-Demand Fact Sheets.
5) Optional Caller ID eMails. Know where every call is coming from Our phone system can email you caller ID info on all inquiries we receive.

We offer Showcase Listings which include up to 25 extra photos (depending on the package you choose) on Realtor.Com, a showcase margin banner and custom text.

Referral firms do not typically offer this as they do not have an account with Realtor.Com and are outsourcing.

Ask if you are speaking with the broker that will be listing your home. Ask if the person you are speaking with is licensed. Most states do not permit unlicensed persons to perform sales assistance on the telephone. Many states require fees, commissions, valuation assistance, price determination, and marketing questions to only be answered by a licensee in the state where the property is located. Verify that the broker you are dealing with is licensed in the state where your property is located. You have less recourse against unlicensed entities and out of state brokers. Click here to see a list of links to Licensing Boards.


STEP 1: Click on the "List Now" button above.
STEP 2: After you place your order, you will be directed to the forms needed to list your property.
STEP 3: Fill out the forms and submit them by fax, scan-and-upload through our site or regular mail.
Your property will be listed shortly thereafter... IT'S THAT SIMPLE!